Ad Staff

Jerry Kou
Jerry is the Director of Advertising at the Daily Titan. He is in his 4th and final year at CSUF, pursuing a degree in communications with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in radio/TV/film. He wants to take the Daily Titan above and beyond what it has been in the past. An avid queer activist, he attends the Queer Straight Alliance club as a regular member and past board member. He is a world traveler at heart and hopes to visit every country before he kicks the bucket. He loves everything Australian and hopes to live in Sydney after graduation. On the sidelines, he loves to read and is taking his time to become fluent in German. Sein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber er lernt noch. Oh, he is also a Ducks fan. Go Ducks!
Chelsea Norrup
Chelsea currently holds the position of Assistant Advertising Director at the Daily Titan. She is a senior majoring in Communications with a concentration in Advertising and a minor in Psychology. In her free time she enjoys playing with her perfect pug puppy Sir Winston, volunteering her time with the Girls Scouts of the U.S.A., as well as staying on top of the latest trends in the fashion and cosmetics industry. She looks forward to seeing the Green Bay Packers and the Los Angeles Clippers take the championship titles this upcoming season. After graduation, she hopes to pursue her passion for advertising and land a job working in the fashion or beauty industry.
Celia Manzanares
Celia is a marketing business major and is minoring in advertising. She is currently the National Sales Executive & Promotions Manager for the Daily Titan. She’s involved with two clubs on campus: the American Marketing Association and the Golden Key Honour Society. She loves music, especially Drake. She’s passionate about soccer and is obsessed with the FC Barcelona team. She plans to travel to as many countries as she can. After graduating this year she hopes to eventually land one of her dream jobs in the advertising industry.
Conor Hamill
Conor is a third year bachelor’s of fine arts major with a concentration in graphic design. Having been a part of the Daily Titan for only a few months, he is still getting to know the newspaper that will help with his hopeful future in advertising. An ex-NCAA track and field athlete here at CSUF, he transfers the competitive nature from athletics, to behind the desk as to bring some of the best advertisements this school will ever see. This guy has traveled all over the world including Istanbul, Egypt, Greece, Rome, France, Ireland, England, Amsterdam, Germany, Scotland, the continental United States, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, but is most proud of being from Seattle. His post graduate plans are to move back to Seattle where he can enjoy one of the finest cities this country has to offer. It has been told to him that his celebrity look alike is somewhere between Brad Pitt and Sloth from “The Goonies”.
Blanca Navarro
Blanca is a College of the Arts undergraduate concentrating in graphic design. This is her sixth semester as a titan, and her fourth semester with the Daily Titan. She aspires to someday become an art director for an advertising agency, and forever be happy. For now, Blanca spends most of her time working, completing projects, eating, and hanging out with her sassy cat and a photographer that never fails to make her laugh.
Ayesha Doshi
Ayesha is a second year Business major with a concentration in marketing and a specialization in sports marketing. She loves working in advertising at the Daily Titan because it allows her to get the great one-on-one experience that she will need in the future. Aside from work, Ayesha love being a social butterfly and hanging out with friends or volunteering. Her first love was soccer…well sports in general. She hope to one day work oversees and eventually, work for the NFL or the NBA, specifically the Lakers. GO LAKERS!
Ana Godinez
Ana is currently a communications major with an emphasis in advertisement at California State University, Fullerton. She works as an Account Executive for the advertisement department of The Daily Titan. On her down time she likes to play with her dogs Scooby and Scrappy, online shop (actually shop in general, and listen to Ke$ha).
Courtney Ketchum
Courtney is a fourth year communications major with an concentration in Advertising. This will be her first year as an account executive for the daily titan newspaper and she is very excited to have achieved this opportunity in high hopes of furthering her career within the advertising industry. In her free time she participates in her sorority known as Alpha Chi Omega, enjoys going on runs, and loves spending time with friends and family.
Ramiro Jauregui
Ramiro is a fourth year student majoring in Communications with an emphasis on Advertising and minoring in Business. He is an account executive at the Daily Titan, where he hopes to gain real-world experience that will prepare him for his future endeavors. Ramiro is always open to trying new things, and likes to make himself PB&J sandwiches whenever he gets the chance. He hopes to one day work for the entertainment industry or work for luxury-sport car clients like Audi.