About Us

Mission statement

The Daily Titan is dedicated to covering local and campus events to the best of our abilities. We strive to be accurate, non-biased and as thorough as possible. But most importantly we are the voice of the students.

Ethan Hawkes – Editor in Chief
Ethan is a journalism major in his last semester at school. He is multifaceted, having skills in both print, photography and multimedia.
Nereida Moreno - Managing Editor
Nereida loves hardcore new age indie punk folksy rock. Her favorite disney movie is the Rescuers Down Under. She recently finished playing the Last of Us, the most amazing game she’s ever played. It was so good! Like really… wow!
Matthew Medina - News Editor
Matthew is in his final semester as a print journalism major. He transferred from Mt. San Antonio College, where he was news editor and online editor at the Mountaineer for one year, and he was a copy editing assistant with the Daily Titan during the fall semester. Matthew would love to write about video games or work for a game developer, but he would also enjoy reporting on news and politics.
Samuel Mountjoy - News Editor
Sam is a senior journalism major who has been working in student publications since high school. He was previously the editor-in-chief of a community college newspaper in the Palm Springs area. His first Titan byline came less than two months after he transferred to CSUF. Sam has been known to chase after sirens in hopes of a story, and hopes to soon become a professional news reporter.
Tameem Seraj – Sports Editor
Tameem is a journalism major in his senior year. This is his third semester on the Daily Titan staff and second as an editor. He transferred to CSUF from Irvine Valley College/Saddleback College, where he was sports editor for The Lariat. The sports enthusiast’s parents say sports is like a religion to him and his heart lies with the Los Angeles Angels, Anaheim Ducks, San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Galaxy, Liverpool F.C., Minnesota Timberwolves and of course the CSUF Titans. His dream job is to be a beat writer for any of the aforementioned teams.
Joseph Anderson - Sports Editor
You’re not supposed to be reading this! This is Joseph’s bio which he didn’t fill out (he’s not the only one). Oh by the way don’t call him Joseph, he prefers Joey or Jamal. Don’t ask him why. It’s a long story and he doesn’t care to share it. Just call him out by his nick name and make him smile.
Eric Gandarilla - Opinion Editor
Oh hai. My name is Eric. My favorite person is named Andy. We are team Gundin or Lundarilla. Whatever you prefer.
Kristen Cervantes - Features Editor
Krissy is finally graduating this semester from Cal State Fullerton. She is majoring in communications/print journalism and is excited to be an editor for the first time after spending two semesters on the Daily Titan staff. When she’s not at home chasing her 20-month-old daughter around, she enjoys shopping and going to Disneyland with her husband, daughter and family. After graduation, she hopes to land a job with a magazine or newspaper and eventually have a successful career as an editor and columnist.
Mia McCormick - Detour Editor
Mia is a senior print journalism major, a coffee enthusiast, and a lover of meaningful conversation. This is her first semester as an editor, but it is not her first rodeo. This is her second semester with the Daily Titan. But really, she’s worked for a rodeo. She aspires to one day become a world traveler and make a living writing about the places, people, and things she encounters along the way. Her main loves in life are well-dressed men, well made food, and well written words.
Mariah Carrillo - Photo Editor
Mariah is a super duper senior at CSUF. Currently she is a double photocommunications and Theater arts major. She is excited to be returning to photo corner as the photo editor. When shes not dodging traffic or taking photos she can be found under an orange tree cleaning her camera and petting her cat. She loves poetry, men in suits, good wine, good friends and being creative.
Julia Gutierrez – Copy Editor
This is Julia’s third and final semester with the Daily Titan. She will graduate this May with a B.A. in Communications and Sociology. Aside from spending tons of time in CP-670 with the DT staff, she enjoys music, Doctor Who and spending time at Disneyland. She’s also the coolest person in the world. Her humility is her best quality. Honesty is her second.
Andy Lundin – Copy Editor
Andy is a print journalism major in his final semester at CSUF. He is proud and excited to be returning as a copy editor for the Daily Titan. Music is his forte (get it?), but he is also passionate about video games, shows about nothing and anything written by Kurt Vonnegut. He also adores Trout and the color puce.
Kaley Williams – Layout Editor
Kaley is in her final semester at CSUF studying print journalism. She loves vintage photos, climbing trees and all things John Green. She finds solace in the pages of Ernest Hemingway and Sylvia Plath, and her favorite people are her niece and nephew, Sydney and Logan, respectively. After graduation she hopes to continue working in layout, and dreams of one day writing fiction about all of the insane things that happen in the depths of her mind.
Emily Mondragon – Layout Editor
Emily is the 19 year old baby of the newsroom. She is an Art Education major. Emily only enjoys doodling, Sixties psychedelic garage bands, annoying humor, and iced coffee. She also has an unhealthy obsession with bunny GIFs.
mike Mike Trujillo - Illustrator
Animation major. Super duper senior. Second semester doing illustrations and cartoons for the Daily Titan. Enjoys the fruitful discussion and analysis of television, film, and animation. Especially over a cold glass of chocolate milk.
David McLaren – Webmaster
David is a super senior aiming to graduate with a B.S. in Computer Science. He enjoys music, video games, sugar, spice, and all things nice.
Gurajpalpreet Sangha – Multimedia Editor
Gurajpalpreet Sangha is a senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Radio-TV-Film. He aspires to be a sports and/or news reporter in a major market. As one of the multimedia editors, he wants to help create packages that are Factual, Fair, and mostly importantly entertaining. After graduation, he hopes to take over the world, one city at a time.