Letter to the Editor: Students for Justice in Palestine

After reading the current article titled “CSUF professor addresses Israel-Palestine conflict” based on George Giacumakis’s lecture, I can surely say the people that have attended his lecture have been strongly misguided and uneducated about the actual facts of the whole issue.

Giacumakis stated that the United States has taken a “passively neutral side” when it has come to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which isn’t true at all.

Starting from 2012, the United States has been sending Israel $3.1 billion a year (or an average of $8.5 million a day) through military aid while the Palestinians have not received a single penny in military aid, according to IfAmericansKnew.org

The United States doesn’t even give Palestinians a quarter of the amount of money that they are giving the Israeli military.

A recent example showing how our country helps Israel happened just recently when California Gov. Jerry Brown was meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to sign an agreement that will “boost economic, cultural, and academic cooperation between California and Israel,” not even considering the Palestinians that are daily harassed and denied entry by Israeli security airports and other border crossings just on the basis of their ethnicity.

Not to mention that the illegal settlements in the West Bank have doubled in 2013 compared to 2012 as Israel has proudly reported.

How ironic is it that Brown signed historic legislation to give Californians “human rights” to safe and clean affordable water yet completely disregards the fact that the Palestinian counterparts receive only a fraction of the settler’s quota or is left dependent on rainwater alone, according to the Jewish Voice for Peace.

There are a lot of politicians out there like Brown that are willing to help Israel but not help the Palestinians.

Talk about double standards and hypocrisy.

It’s sad that some people believe human rights only belong to a certain group of people and not others. Whether the Israeli government accepts it or not, Palestinians are also humans and should be treated just as equally as them.

Giacumakis talked about different ways to resolve the conflict but the questions he has to consider is “why is the conflict still going on?” and “how did the conflict start and why?”

It’s not as simple as he makes it sound. The state of Israel has to accept a lot of things before they even try talking about peace.

They have to accept that:  Palestine is indeed under Israeli military occupation,  Palestinians do not have the same rights as the Israelis,  and both sides right now are not equal.

The problem is that the Palestinians are being treated unjustly and the Israeli government is okay with that.

Jewish Zionists can sugarcoat words all they want about the living conditions of the Palestinians, but that only shows that they are fooling themselves and are delaying peace talk even more.

There are over 30 laws in Israel discriminating Palestinians solely on the basis of their ethnicity, according Institute for Middle East Understanding.

As Sara Salama, president of Muslim Student Association (MSA) mentioned in her essay “Is Zionism a Violation of Human Rights,” it is well established that Israel has committed and continues to commit countless crimes against humanity, violations of human rights and international law; including but not limited to: use of torture on detainees, suspended habeas corpus, demolition of homes, militarized occupation, land theft, severe restriction of movement and construction of illegal settlements on Palestinian land,” according to B’Tsleem.

How could the Israelis talk about peace with the Palestinians when they are not even giving them basic human rights?

And how could Palestinians reach out and try talking about peace when the Israeli government won’t listen to them or consider what they have to say?

Maybe the Israeli government’s version of “peace talk” is proposing a bunch of things and having the Palestinians nod their heads and agree to everything they say.

As nice as that may sound to the Israelis, in reality things don’t work that way.

Another unrealistic solution Giacumakis thinks would resolve the conflict is through a natural disaster such as in earthquake. This will endanger both Israelis in Palestinian lives and can destroy several homes of the citizens there.

Over 4,000 Palestinians civilians and 1,519 children have been killed as an excuse of Israeli retaliation at the end of 2006 according to the Israeli Center for Human Rights in Occupied Territories. And over 27,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished just so the Israelis could get more land.

If it is not clear enough, thousands of Palestinians are already getting killed and have their homes destroyed and no one is doing anything about it. So what makes Giacumakis think an earthquake will do anything?

Giacumakis also said war could end the conflict. Not only is that a terrible and violent way to think, but it’s quite funny because it shows that Giacumakis doesn’t even know what the conditions of the Palestinians are.

Palestinians don’t even have the basic rights to own land let alone have an army in which they can stand up and fight for themselves.

The only way a country can fight is if they have an army. So until and unless Mr. Giacumakis can magically build a strong military army for the Palestinians equivalent to the Israeli army he should really keep his useless proposals to himself.

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