5.1 earthquake centered in La Habra shakes campus


The epicenter of the magnitude 5.1 earthquake Friday was in La Habra, four miles north of Cal State Fullerton. (United States Geological Survey)

A 5.1 earthquake centered in La Habra struck Cal State Fullerton at 9:09 p.m. Friday, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Shaking was felt for about 10 seconds.

Elevators on campus were disabled Friday as a safety precaution. They resumed functioning Saturday, except for the freight elevator in the Pollak Library, which remains closed indefinitely. The fourth, fifth and sixth floors in the library are also closed indefinitely while fallen books and other debris are cleaned up.

Multiple aftershocks have occurred in the vicinity of the 5.1 earthquake, and USGS seismologist Lucy Jones has predicted a 5 percent chance of additional, stronger quakes in the coming hours or days.

As of Monday, no structural damage has been reported at Cal State Fullerton, but university representatives advise faculty and staff to be aware of fallen objects, especially in upper-floor offices.

In the event of earthquakes, those who are on campus are advised to take the stairs and follow posted emergency exit plans.

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