Obama visits Middle East

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed their administrations’ ongoing responses to Iran’s nuclear ambitions among other matters of regional diplomacy Wednesday during Obama’s first visit to Israel as president.

According to CNN, Obama also addressed the the civil war in nearby Syria, calling the reported use of chemical weapons a “game-changer” in the conflict, but did not elaborate on any potential U.S. response.

The conversation moved to extending promised U.S. military assistance to Israel for another 10 years, past its current expiration date in 2017. Obama assured U.S. commitment to Israel’s security and right to defend itself.

Both leaders said their administrations have a “common assessment” on Iran’s potential timeframe for building a nuclear weapon, according to CNN.

Palestinian activists protested Obama’s visit outside Jerusalem in the West Bank, an area many Palestinians consider Israeli-occupied territory.

Both men just began new terms in office.

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