Lion kills worker at Fresno sanctuary

An intern of a big cat sanctuary in Dunlap, Calif. was killed by one of its lions Wednesday afternoon.

According to CNN, the 26-year-old female worker was attacked by a 350-pound African lion after she entered the cat’s enclosure. Despite medical assistance being provided by Fresno County Sheriffs deputies, she died at the scene.

Deputies arrived on the scene to find another worker attempting to distract the lion—named Cous Cous—but after attempts failed, Sheriffs were forced to shoot and kill the animal.

Cat Haven, the sanctuary mentioned, was founded in 1993 and comprises 100 acres of wooded area in Fresno county.

According to the sanctuary’s website, it is home to not only lions, but tigers, leopards and jaguars as well.

Project Survival, owners of Cat Haven, said they would investigate the incident to ensure safety protocols were followed. Founder, Dan Anderson, made a statement offering support to the female intern’s family.

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