Garcia dedicates College Park plaza

(John Pekcan / Daily Titan)

(John Pekcan / Daily Titan)


After months of construction, the front parking lot of College Park has been completely redesigned to allow for better access to the building.

“It has been a fabulous transformation … isn’t it beautiful?” said President Mildred García at the ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday afternoon outside of College Park.

Executive director of Auxiliary Services Frank Mumford said the new additions to the building such as electric car plug ins, energy efficient lighting, low-water usage plants and recycled materials should make Cal State Fullerton greener.

The lights on the sidewalk will use about the same amount of electricity as a hair dryer, according to Mumford.

“I think for Cal State Fullerton, and for me personally, is that it is an inviting, environmentally great building for our students, faculty, staff and community,” said García after her address. “This building is for students, it is a place where they can congregate.”

However, the renovations were ultimately significantly more costly than originally planned, according to Mumford. He said the university did support the decision to pay more to get the design they envisioned.

Edward Fink, Ph.D., chair of the Radio-TV-Film Department, said that he believes the building’s new look is a positive thing for students, and that it conveys a more welcoming feeling surrounding the building.

“Before it was OK, but it was inconvenient,” said Fink. “This ties us to the campus more.”

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