Jury convicts man in 90 minutes

A jury in Orange County convicted a Santa Ana man of first-degree murder in just ninety minutes Wednesday, according to the Orange County Register.

Agustin Armaraz Espinoza, 58, was convicted of the crime following his tearful testimony that he had been drinking heavily when he struck his wife with a tripod. The altercation took place after his wife asked him to move out.

The prosecution said Espinoza had lost nearly $100,000 gambling, had an affair which his wife knew about, and had pawned jewelry belonging to the family.

Espinoza’s defense claimed that he was not himself the night of the murder. He claims he acted on impulse.

Deputy District Attorney Mike Murray shot down this defense because Espinoza had cleaned his hands and the crime scene and disposed of the evidence.

He faces a maximum sentence of 25 years to life. His sentencing is scheduled for May 17.

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