Horse meat found in IKEA meatballs

Multinational furniture retailer Ikea recently withdrew its Swedish meatballs from markets and cafeterias across Europe Monday after a detection of horse meat, according to the New York Times.

This recall continues a recent scandal European as many companies have been forced to recall products due to horse meat.

Ikea and Nestle have been the two highest profile corporations that fell victim to the scandal.

Stricter monitoring by governments and companies have revealed that food contamination is more widespread in europe than previously known.

The detection of horse meat in European products began in Ireland and has spread across Europe rapidly. The contamination scandal has drawn criticism to the quality and monitoring of Europe’s chain of meat producers and slaughterhouses.

European officials are now pointing fingers as more discoveries are made almost daily.

Millions of products have already been recalled after cases involving European grocery giants, Findus and Iglo.

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