Letter from the incoming Editor in Chief

David Hood

David Hood


It all started a year and a half ago when I decided to return to journalism after symbolically retiring my notepad, pen and digital voice recorder to a spot at the back of my desk drawer.

After high school I’d decided to pursue a degree in physics, but as it became apparent, no matter how hard I tried, it wasn’t for me. So I returned to my first love—journalism. As with any good student journalist, I made my way to College Park 670 the week I changed my major.

Little did I know when I entered the room with all the awards and enshrined monuments to student reporting I would be spending nights and weeks-worth of hours laboring on a product meant for the campus I have grown to love: Cal State Fullerton.

I moved from the graphics desk at the Daily Titan in 2011 to Washington, D.C. in January 2012 to intern as a business reporter. From there, I returned to my home on the sixth floor of College Park as a news editor.

At the News Desk, it was our goal to bring CSUF the most hard-hitting, relevant, accurate, reliable and impartial news that was humanly possible for senior college students. Our grades suffered but our coverage excelled.

We, as a news team and newspaper as a whole, dedicated ourselves this past semester to providing CSUF valuable and relevant information about the elections and campus events while highlighting student success in academics, sports and other activities.

Our hearts broke when forced to report on the death of a student or faculty member that occurred this semester. But we fulfill our duty to inform, not instruct, you: our esteemed audience.

The lockdown event that happened Wednesday was a demonstration of the Daily Titan’s dedication to providing timely, accurate and relevant information to all who were locked in classrooms or wondering what was going on. The campus provided safety—we offered information.

It is my goal as new Editor-in-Chief to lead this newspaper to continue to bring relevant information in our news pages, informed subjectivity in our opinion/editorials, stories of successes and humanity in our features, fun and valuable reviews in entertainment and up-to-date coverage of Titans toiling on our courts or in our fields.

The Daily Titan is here.

We encourage your voices, perspectives, anger, happiness, praises, but most of all, your criticisms. At the top of the front page, “The Student Voice of California State University, Fullerton” is printed everyday. And it is our mission to continue to represent that voice fairly to the campus, the state, and to the country.

About David Hood

David Hood is a newspaper and print design enthusiast. He is proud to be the co-winner of the National Scholastic Press Association’s 2008 Design of the Year Award for Newspaper Design for his high school newspaper, Crimson, in Paso Robles, Calif. After serving the Daily Titan as a Layout Editor, he traveled to Washington, D.C. to the Washington Journalism Center where he interned as a business reporter at The Washington Times and garnered 20 bylines, four on its front page. He hopes to rekindle people’s interest in news for better public discourse and understanding.