Fullerton city council elects new mayor

Final results from the Fullerton election announced Tuesday name Bruce Whitaker as the new mayor and Jennifer Fitzgerald and Jan Flory were appointed to serve in the City Council, according to the Orange County Register.

Whitaker was unanimously selected as the first new mayor since the police killing of Kelly Thomas in 2011, which raised criticism at members in City Hall.

“This is an amazingly diverse … city and that makes it sometimes a bit unruly” said Whitaker, who has served on the council for two years.

“My first term … has been very tumultuous and I expect that there will be moments like that in the next term as well,” Whitaker said.

Doug Chaffee was unanimously chosen as the mayor pro tem; the position which steps in as mayor if the mayor is unavailable.

Flory served on the council from 1996-2000. This is Fitzgerald’s first time in council.

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