Daily Titan News Brief- 11.29.2012

On today’s Daily Titan News Brief we cover trouble in Laker-land, the Los Angeles auto show, and a lottery worth up to half a billion dollars.

Anchors: Joe Moeller and Kasia Gregorczyk
Technical Assistants: Ryan Utter and Christina Pham
Producer: Ryan Utter and Christina Pham
Post-Production: Christina Pham, Ryan Utter, Joe Moeller and Kasia Gregorczyk

About Cara Seo

Cara is a senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Radio, Television, and Film. She is looking forward to her third semester at the Daily Titan and last year at CSUF. Her dream is to one day travel the world and report stories that have not been heard of. As a backpack journalist, she hopes to bring knowledge to those who are interested in finding out about the world around them. In the meantime though, Cara enjoys traveling to new places and trying exotic foods.